Tenant Representation

Client-Oriented Realty Services

Partnering with a tenant representative is one of the most reliable ways to find commercial property, as tenant representatives are not affiliated with property owners. Our agents are skilled representatives who understand the concerns and needs of both tenants and property owners. This understanding of multiple perspectives allows us to find the right property and the best deal for you. Additionally, tenant representatives are able to find properties that meet all of your business’ needs while remaining affordable.

Independent Agents

As a completely independent brokerage, Scott Brown Commercial is able to represent tenants without any conflicts of interest or influence from property owners.


Starting a business or moving into a new space needs to be a highly calculated action. The agents at Scott Brown Commercial can help you develop an in-depth plan for finding the perfect space for your business.

Financial Analysis

Our brokers are experienced in pro-forma projections and deal sourcing, meaning that we can help you find the perfect property for your business at a fair and reasonable price.

Market Knowledge

Scott Brown Commercial has been a leader in commercial realty for more than 10 years, so our agents have an extensive knowledge of and familiarity with the commercial real estate market. This allows us to help you find properties that are within your budget that include all the amenities your business needs.

Lease Negotiations

Whether you are moving your business into a new space or renewing your lease, our representatives will help you negotiate the terms of your lease to help you save money.


As the leading name for commercial real estate in Denton County, we have the most property listings. This allows us to find a property for your business that fits all of your needs and is within your budget.

A Values-Driven Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Providing our clients with honest, quality service is the number one priority at Scott Brown Commercial. As a wholly independent and values-driven company, we always place the needs and interests of our clients at the forefront of our business operations. Our brokers and representatives are invested in the success of our community’s businesses, and we believe business owners deserve a stress-free experience.


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