Investment & Land Sales

Create a Lasting and Tangible Investment

Scott Brown Commercial offers a handful of core services to help both investors and property owners achieve maximum profit.

Acquisition, Sales and Advisory Services

Acquiring or selling land investments can be challenging processes that take up a significant amount of time and energy. Our agents guide you through these processes with expertise and precision. Our advisory services are available to both investors and sellers, meaning that we understand the full scope of real estate acquisition and sales and can guarantee that you are able to make the most profitable sale or investment.

Choosing the Right Land Type

Scott Brown Commercial’s experienced brokers help you decide on the right land type for your financial needs. We have experience in sales and investment on raw land, residential lots, master-planned communities and redevelopment sites. When you’re looking to invest, we help you weigh the pros and cons of each land type and guide you through the process of developing an investment plan. When you’re ready to sell, we help you develop a specific strategy for the land type you own.

Create Value by Positioning Land

Positioning land is an integral part of the investment exit strategy. The expert brokers at Scott Brown Commercial position your land in listings in order to make it the most attractive option for investors. Additionally, we will help you plan repairs and renovations and develop a marketing strategy. Positioning your property well through listings, marketing and renovation will give you more offers, allowing you to gain maximum profit.

Denton County’s Leader in Commercial Real Estate

For more than 10 years, Scott Brown Commercial has been committed to helping the businesspeople of North Texas succeed. As a wholly independent and values-driven company, we provide our clients with highly quality, personalized service to help them meet their goals. Whether you’re a business owner, investor or property owner, the agents at Scott Brown Commercial are here to help.


Investing in and selling commercial land is one of the most profitable business ventures entrepreneurs can make.

Commercial real estate often has a much higher earning potential and rate of return than other types of investment, and it is a tangible asset that you can easily check up on. No matter what type of commercial land you invest in, the Scott Brown Commercial team can help you maximize your profits and create a lasting, valuable business investment.

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