About Scott Brown Commercial

Scott Brown Commercial specializes in two areas of commercial realty:

Buying, Selling and Leasing

We aim to make the processes of buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate simple and effortless for our clients. We achieve this goal through tenant representation, property management, sales and acquisition advisory services and market knowledge.


Our brokers strive to facilitate positive real estate investments for each of our clients. We achieve this goal through land positioning, precise marketing strategy, expert knowledge of real estate markets and sales and acquisition advisory services.

Scott Brown Commercial was founded in 2002 as an extension of the Scott Brown Properties family of companies,

which includes a residential leasing company as well as the Real T Team. Under the leadership of Scott Brown himself, our company has grown to be the largest and most trusted commercial real estate company in Denton County. Our staff is highly experienced in a variety of services and is dedicated to helping clients meet their goals.


At Scott Brown Commercial, we believe that our clients deserve the highest quality service available. As an independent, values-driven company, our brokers are able to provide clients with personalized service that helps them meet their individual goals. Our agents focus on quality throughout the entire process of buying, selling, leasing or investing to guarantee that our clients meet their goals and have a memorable experience.


Clear, honest communication with clients is the best way to guarantee a successful professional partnership. Our agents act with integrity in all client relationships to guarantee that you are able to meet your commercial real estate goals. We promise to always communicate honestly with our clients and keep the process of buying, selling, leasing or investing as transparent and understandable as possible.


The brokers at Scott Brown Commercial operate with the highest degree of professionalism. Because of our unique skill set, our company has become the most trusted name in Denton County for commercial real estate. We take pride in using our experience and skills to provide clients with the high quality service and transparent processes they deserve.

For more than a decade,

Scott Brown Commercial has been dedicated to helping the business owners, property owners and real estate investors of North Texas succeed. We are a wholly independent company that is driven by the desire to provide clients with quality, personalized service. Our agents value honesty, individuality and dedication.

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