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At Scott Brown Commercial we believe that delivering the premier commercial real estate service begins with gaining a thorough understanding of our clients needs and desires. We then carry out a specific strategy backed by specific expertise, powerful resources, years of experience and a total commitment to client satisfaction, delivering optimal results.

Commercial Real Estate Services


We are a premier brokerage firm offering a wealth of market knowledge in addition to the largest commercial real estate department in Denton County. With an expert understanding of property valuation and marketing, we can successfully actualize both productive and lucrative commercial real estate strategies. Our brokers are well versed in the key aspects of successful real estate transactions, such as in-depth market research and analysis. We acquire a thorough understanding of each client’s needs, then use our extensive commercial real estate experience and market knowledge to favorably guide buyers and sellers through the real estate brokerage process.


We serve the commercial real estate needs of both owners and tenants, focusing on the individual needs of each. For owners, we devise and implement a leasing and management strategy. For tenants, we provide guidance in the determination of important facility features, including power requirements, transportation corridors for shipping, and rail access. We perform an extensive needs analysis to ensure every client’s objectives are not only addressed, but also met.


Visibility is a must in retail property. We fully advertise all properties for maximum exposure, provide a wide array of services for both tenants and owners. We assist tenants with site selection, provide retail space tours, and perform market studies comparing various properties. On the ownership side, we provide professional, proficient management in addition to analyzing expenses and executing cost analysis for retail tenants. Our brokerage professionals have a thorough understanding of the challenges inherent in daily property management, and have the experience necessary to consistently and efficiently handle any scenario.


We have a comprehensive knowledge base and a thorough understanding of current market activity that can be leveraged into finding the best deal in commercial office space. We know that location and terms of lease are fundamental to meeting a company’s objectives. We perform a needs analysis in order to fully understand each client’s mission. We then provide guidance for site selection, lease negotiations, and relocation management. We identify tenant improvement allowances, and provide market surveys and analysis to ensure the best deal in commercial office space.


Many important factors are involved in determining land value. Our brokers leverage an in-depth knowledge base of land market conditions to determine land value and identify buyers and sellers alike. Our brokerage professionals have far-reaching contacts and an expert understanding of buying and selling land in Denton County. We facilitate the land brokerage process with market analysis, property valuation, and marketing the property. We understand market demand and conditions, as well as pertinent governmental and regulatory requirements as related to brokering land.

Asset Management

The leader in commercial management in Denton County, we partner with each client to assist in reaching individual goals. We custom tailor a management program for each owner. We are experts in knowing what is necessary in the day-to-day management of commercial property, as well as intricate leasing strategies, always bearing long term financial goals in mind. We design a plan of action to minimize risk and secure asset value. We consistently focus on ensuring asset productivity through attenuating expenses for optimal NOI.